We have employed latest available technology from reputed Consulting Agencies with major impetus given on the following features:

  • Unit conforms to the prescribe pollution control standards.
  • Installation of 8 Chambers Scrubber attached with SSP unit to contain emission of HF gases generated and reused H2SiF6 solution formed in the scrubber chamber in the process.
  • A unit with waste water recycling process for a ‘Zero Effluent Discharge’.
  • Applying latest technology - “Double Conversion Double Absorption (DCDA)” in our Sulphuric Acid unit to ensure high rate of conversion and minimize the level of SO2 emission much below the prescribed standards.
  • Installation of waste heat boiler for generation of captive power.
  • Using Non Conventional fuel in the boilers.
  • Online monitoring process at various stages of production.